Founded in 2016, Big Smash Software was built on aspirations and dreams, and an enthusiastic love for the machinery of this digital age. The Big Smash philosophy is about giving you what you want, a pure and premium experience that is second-to-none, and never settling for the status quo. Mediocre apps can step aside; we're standing for quality.
Premium Apps for the People
Zen Builder
Zen Builder - Meditation Timer (Available now!)

Build your meditations with soothing background sounds, then drag and drop checkpoint sounds to a visual timeline of the meditation. Zen Builder is your robust meditation companion, with support for meditation history tracking, iCloud synchronization, and HealthKit. Built for iPhone and iPad.

Vista Weather
Vista Weather (Available now!)

A beautiful and super-accurate weather app for iPhone and iPad. Check the local weather forecast or select any city in the world. For your viewing pleasure, Vista Weather also beautifully displays photos crowd-sourced from your location.

Skylines (Available now!)

Fly around the world and view amazing city skylines. Guess the city correctly and become an international jet-setter! But guess three of them wrong and you lose your passports and the game.

My Fish Pal (Available now!)

With My Fish Pal, your aquarium logs are always with you, right in your own pocket. Quickly and easily view all prior water tests, feedings, and more. Do more with your data, like graphing your water parameter tests so that you can spot trends and correlations. Be more aware of the state of your tank, so your fish can live happier and healthier lives.

Premium Tools for the Devs
SpinWheelControl (Beta available now!)

Spin Wheel Control is an inertial spinning wheel UI control that allows selection of an item. It is written in the Swift programming language can be used in iOS apps.

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Residing in Seattle, WA, I am the chief developer and president of Big Smash Software, LLC. I hope to join like-minded people and help engineer the world into a better place.

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